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Announcing FastFad’s New Line of Plastic Toys

emember GI Joe and the Power Rangers? They’ve come and gone. And Transformers and Match Box cars? They’re a thing of the past. But the next craze sure to sweep the country is MiniMovers®.

What Are MiniMovers?

MiniMovers are bright, colorful plastic models with parts that move. With just a push, these pint-size vehicles scoot across the floor; the wheels spin, the propellers turn, and the horns honk. MiniMovers are perfectly sized for pretend play, and they’re stylish too.

Why Will Kids Love Them?

hese child-size models encourage imaginativeness and play. Made of nearly indestructible plastic, MiniMovers help kids get serious about having fun! We used real experts, kids, as our official toy testers. And based on their play-packed screening, these toys will be the hot new items for 1999.

Mini Size, Mighty Fun!

iniMovers let kids visit great places without ever leaving home.


Here’s the rundown on our figures:



After the kids have a full set, they can order our CargoCarrier™, a truck with a detachable trailer, which can carry two MiniMovers inside and one on top.

Just Right for Fun Packs

ur new line of MiniMovers are just right for putting in fun packs for kids ages 4 to 10 years.


MiniMovers are safe and tons of fun. They’re perfect for the "Happy Meal" generation.